After a series of unusual occurrences at my home, including items throwing themselves off shelves, lights flashing in a lamp without a bulb, and orbs flying around willy-nilly in a video I took, I realized that the other side was calling me... and I had no choice but to answer!  I ended up in a 12-week class on Soul-to-Soul Communications taught by the amazing Suzanne Giesemann. On my first solo practice reading with a classmate, I asked her if she knew a man named Thomas with a little white dog. The last thing I expected to hear was a "YES." I chalked it up to beginner's luck.  But it was so much more.


I can’t predict the future, but I do know that I am supposed to share this gift with those who need to connect with loved ones who seem beyond their reach. The ones who have been by your side, waiting to give you messages of love. The ones who need to ask for your forgiveness. The ones who can give you peace of mind that their lives continue and that they are still here.

Most of my readings dive very deep to help with unfinished business, learn the truth about a tragic passing, or just uncovering the WHY they did what they did.


Reviews from other mediums


ANA S. Helping Parents Heal Family --

Barbra's reading was a touching and wonderful experience. It provided comfort and reassurance. Barbra had a very truthful projection of my loved one in spirit, his personality and appearance.  The message sent to me through Barbra was just what I needed at the time. I also had a validation: After saying I will be receiving white flowers as a gift, two days later 2 white roses bloomed in the garden by my son’s door! I never saw that bush bloom blush before! Thank you Barbra for the beautiful connection that was so helpful and healing :)  Barbra is very professional, yet so dedicated and puts her whole heart and soul into the reading. I would recommend Barbra to anyone.


M. H. --

This was the most accurate, profound reading I've ever had. She's such a gift. The healing she gave me can never be repaid. She's very gifted and will be a blessing to all that cross her path. Thank you Barbra for the messages I have been longing to hear for so long. Today was literally life changing.


B.K. --

I have to say, no one ever gave me such a detailed reading of my mother, who comes often. Barbra presented so much evidence that I knew my mother was with us. Her evidence was objective, full of memories and emotional evidence that touched my heart. She worked with beautiful images that touched my soul. My mother shared information about her emotional struggles with proof of her healing light around me. I would recommend Barbra to family and friends. Her reading was very professional.


M. J. --

Barbra did AMAZING!!I Absolutely LOVE her energy and the laid back feel and comfort she gives. Barbra brought my husband in and was 100% accurate on the unique circumstances around his death, the feelings. etc. I mean, it was amazing. It helped and I am so very thankful to her!


L. H. --

Barbra has a very authentic vibe and I loved working with her. She validated a loss I experienced which was very comforting. After our call, I reached out to my husband's aunt to confirm some evidence she brought through about his grandmother, and Barbra was spot on!


H.M. --

I was absolutely blow away - Barbra brought through evidence that was accurate. 10min before the reading I was in the kitchen washing dishes and on two occasions thought someone was standing next to me. During the reading she asked me if I had been washing dishes and felt someone with me. She has given me so much comfort Knowing how much I was loved - amazing. I never got to say goodbye to this special person and today I was able to. The reading was so emotional, I was unable to give her a reading in return. I am so thankful. You are amazing, with a beautiful gift. I feel complete knowing the answers.


C.R. --

Barbra was energetic, caring & full of positivity ready to go. She was personable, very connected to her gift, could re-focus when needed or asked & was able to bring forward evidence for two aunts who were meaningful to me in my life when they were on the Earth plane. There was also an added healing message from one aunt & lots of love shared in all ways for all to heal past wounds. Barbra is a good medium & I thank her for the beautiful connections today with my loved ones across the veil.


P.G. --

Barbra's gave me a very special reading from my mother. She gave me evidence that was amazing. She easily brought through her personality, her strengths and her struggles. Thank you Barbra for that very beautiful reading. Even though my mother passed 24 years ago this reading was very emotional for me as I could feel her with me. I look forward to practicing with you again if that is a possibility.


M.M. --

You are such a fun person to read with! Your personality, delivery, and space you hold for connecting with Spirit is amazing!


E.P. --

Barbra demonstrated a high quality of evidence, most significantly, clairsentience. She brought through my Mother like no one else has done before and captured her true essence.


A.W. --

Barbra made me smile and laugh with the practical evidence about my Grandma's life and the things that were important to her with several golden nuggets. My Grandpa also validated the name 'Anna' in the family which is fantastic. Barbra has a beautiful and supportive energy and is a good medium!


B.M. --

You description of my grandfather's physical appearance and personality, his emotional frustrations (about his inability to overcome his physical immobility at the end), feeling his (family obligation) burdens, and how he tried to escape his burdens (putting money into his own pocket and taking his ring off and on) were all really great evidence that allowed me to easily identify him. You had a warm and professional presence and I really admired the amount of specific evidence you delivered. Thank you, Barbra!


W.L. --

You had Nana immediately with an accurate description of how she wore her hair. You also had her crocheting and knitting. A great deal of evidence from the very beginning. This was a Wonderful light-hearted and engaging reading. I knew my Nana was with me and I am grateful for that. Thank you!


Reviews from Clients

Susan C. D. --

"I met Barbra when we were doing an enhance of medium services, but within seconds I could feel how she came into this world to do this work. She’s like the cellist who picks up her instrument, only to find she has always been able to play. Her connection to Spirit is just like that, inherent to her sense of being and as natural as it comes. Run, don’t walk, if you want to reconnect with someone on the other side. If you have a mystery to solve, better yet."


G. L. --

"Barbra Banner is truly an amazing medium!  I had a traumatic and very confrontational relationship with my mother, and Barbra was able to connect with her and provide me not only an explanation of her behavior, but a way for my mother to communicate to me the most meaningful and heartfelt emotions that she could never say to me at any time in my life.  It has provided me with true comfort and a peaceful resolution to my relationship with her that I will carry with me always."


T.R. --

I was overjoyed to meet Barbra and experience a pure, absolute natural, authentic Medium at work! Thank you so much for bringing through my favorite human being, my precious Grandmother and so many details that I recognized. There were things I've always wondered about and even those internal questions were answered in this reading! You really brought through her physical, mental and spiritual essence! I believed her to be right there with you. I can't thank you enough. Barbra is a NATURAL and she flows so smoothly with Spirit. I finally can say I've met a demonstrated Medium with the heart, mind and soul for this work and spirit snagged her quickly to do this work because she is absolutely "all in." Impressive! Barbra, It was every bit my pleasure to meet you and get to experience you and your very close guides and spirit team at work. I won't forget it. I actually learned a lot and appreciate you so much more than words can say. Very Professional and VERY GOOD at what you do. You have definitely chosen the right path! WOW! Well done.


C.M. --

The evidence was 100% spot on!!!! She talked about my grandma Mary's personality, how special our connection was, her knitting and crocheting, and the "hula" dancing when she was younger... she was a hula hoop champion when she was a teenager!!!! What a wonderful memory I had with her when she was telling me that. She also brought in the name "Louise" - and that she was my Paternal Grandmother.... I was so shocked... She was describing my Step grandmother who I was very close to. She was spot on with that evidence too, even her dementia at the end. So II feel they were both there and it was wonderful!!!!!  I have more than 1 compliment. If we were able to give 1 to 5 stars I would give Barbara a 10!!!! Her fun personality and wonderful way she brings in their personality and the heart felt messages.... I am not kidding here, One of THE best readings I have ever gotten!!!! I am a total fan!!!! I felt them with me, laughed I cried I was so present with my grandma!!!! THANK YOU! I am a fan for life!!!!!


Mark G. --

I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you again for our session. I listened to the tape again last week and I am in a better place about everything now- in much part thanks to you! You're a hoot! You make me laugh with some of your comments and reactions. So sweet.  Blessings from above. White Light Shine Down upon you.  I will reach out in the future for a "spiritual reading" to receive a message for my highest good when that time I feel has come. I know I will be in good hands with you.


Nanette T. --

I hoped to connect with my mother, who I had had a complex and contentious relationship with. After her passing I was left with so many unanswered questions and a very heavy heart. When the session started I found myself a bit jittery and more nervous than I had anticipated. Barbra’s beautiful, calm and reassuring presence put me right at ease. When my mother came through, I felt overwhelmed. But all the questions that I came prepared to ask her were answered without my asking. It was an incredibly warm, gentle embrace that I did not expect. I no longer could support the thoughts that I have been carrying with me for all these years. I am forever grateful to Barbra for this experience and I look forward to more sessions.


Cathy M. --

"I recently lost my son due to a long time addiction and subsequent mental health problems. I spent many years trying to help him and he tried to recover also. However, in the end, his disease won. I felt so lost and devastated, losing him. He didn't want that life as he had expressed to me several times. He was a very loving son through it all. Barbra helped me connect with his presence, feel his love for me and his family, and hear his words of gratitude toward me. I understand more now of how he had felt for many years. Barbra read my son accurately and tuned into his loving nature. Knowing he is happy now , loves me very much and is with me everyday means so much. I've been given a precious gift at Christmas this year and some of my pain has lessened.  I also feel less quilt over my son's life choices.  It's very difficult losing a child and I will listen again to the recording of the session as it's uplifting to me. Thank you Barbra, for your gentleness and kindness and the healing you've given me. I can carry on now and know my son is with me."


Lori I. --

"Barbra connected immediately with my mom who showed up vacuuming and cleaning. She told me to go clean my room? I really laughed, She was always hassling me to clean up my messy room. I asked where my soul mate was and she told me she's been working on it. Then she told me I'd meet him in a grocery store and described how he'd look. Barbra warned me not to go to the store without lipstick and a nice outfit. Sure enough, I was in Costco, and the man she described was walking toward me and started flirting. Yes we started seeing each other. I couldn't wait to tell Barbra how accurate she was! Barbra is an awesome Medium."


Gabriele R. --

I just had an incredible reading from the gifted Medium, Barbra Banner. She brought through a dear soul friend I wasn't expecting, which brought me goosebumps of joy! She relayed so many facets of his personality, like memories of the time and places we shared, his illness, difficulties in his life both emotionally and physically and the nature of our special relationship. She made it so easy and comfortable and inspires trust. The encounter showed me how much spirit wants us to know and that they are still here with us, as well. You cannot go wrong with Barbra.


Deborah P. --

Sittings with Barbra are like having a video chat with a friend, her warmth and compassion come through the screen as if you are in person in the same room. She is humorous, delightful and spirit shines through her. The way she communicates the messages is not overly interpreted or heavily censored. She will present what you need to recognize your loved one. Spirit may present themselves in different phases of their life depending on what they are conveying, and her imagery is descriptive and understandable. I have found there to be some symbolism to decipher in the question and answer portion. She cares deeply and will get to the heart of the matter for you to feel comforted or validated. It is not just fluff and anecdotes, she connects and will keep inquiring to get what you need. It may not be exactly what you wanted to hear, but it will stay with you, and as you listen to the recording feel like you are connecting with your loved one again. She is the kind of medium you can count on to go back to for a conversation with your loved ones, they know you have scheduled a session with her and are waiting at her door for the open sign to come on, and may clamor to get to the front of the queue to be chosen. So many will show up for her that you might have to specify who you want to speak to. I have had sittings that felt like a soul bearing revelation and one like a chat by the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa kind of feeling. She loves spirit and what she does and it shows.


Sue S. --

"Barbra brought through the most wonderful and giving man on the planet. She helped me relive some of the most intimate, private and important moments we had together, which nobody else knew about. Barbra described our complicated yet honest relationship and knew how hard it was for him to say, "I love you." I am so grateful to Barbra for having the key to open the door to the other side, and share the gifts that spirit brings."


Leah B. --

"Barbra Banner has a true gift and I was honored to receive the most authentic reading with her. My best friend tragically died a few months ago and it has left a big hole in my heart. Our reading was so spot on; from Barbra explaining his mannerisms like the way he sits, talks, and dresses, to inside jokes between him and I. Barbra was truly a vessel of clear communication between my best friend and me. He told me things I needed to hear and answered deep rooted questions I’ve been asking him over the last few months. Together my best friend and Barbra cleared up all of my doubt and left me feeling a lot more secure. One of the most influential moments of our reading was when Barbra asked to me ask my friend a question in my mind. The message she received from my best friend was so clear it gave us all chills. I asked him, “what can I do for you?” He sent Barbra an image of a baby bottle. My best friend has three children, one of which is a brand new baby. I love these kids like they are my own and have been obsessed with the newest baby. My friend passed soon after his newest baby was born. He knows how much I love them and it made me so happy to know that he knows I am helping to care for them and will always love them. Thank you again Barbra for the closure you have given me. I highly recommend a session with Barbra. This was one of the most special experiences of my life."


Marta S. --

"Today I had my reading with  Barbra Banner. It was absolutely amazing! Truly priceless! She had connected with my loved one and she was absolutely spot on. The reading explained so many experiences from the past and clearly brought the closure and peace to not only to my loved one but especially to me. It also gave me a new/refreshed memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I couldn’t be more grateful to Barbra for this session. This time with Barbra and my loved one gave me permission for the new path and the calmness of the soul that my soul was longing for a long time."


Jean R. --

"I just had the most amazing healing reading with Barbra Banner. She instantly described my Dad, who I had requested. He tried to thwart us by turning my voice off, but we persevered using both computers and phones to communicate. No one else has ever brought him through so clearly or vocally. I got the validation and apology I needed for so long. I am extremely grateful to Barbra Banner. She is gifted beyond words."


Jean R. (Second reading) --

"I had a second reading with Barbra Banner in which I finally got the answer to a question I have had for several years from my sister across the veil. this has provided great peace in my heart and is an answer she could only give me after she departed. Her pain was too great here on earth. I was able to ask her questions directly telepathically and Barbra shared shared the answers with images she received from my sister. I am extremely grateful for her sensitivity in this difficult relationship. Reach out to Barbra if you need closure with a loved one across the veil, she does so with love and grace."


Pria B. --

"Today is 23 years since my beloved dad passed. I had an absolutely rocking session with Barbra Banner. The session solidified our amazing bond. I knew Dad is always near me. He confirmed that and also how he sent my husband to me (like dad, my husband too is born on 12/31). He is so much like my dad!  Thank you. Thank you for uniting this father and daughter duo and the whole family!! So grateful to your gift and to your work."


Andrea U. --

"I’m just breathless with gratitude for my son’s messages for me today gifted by Barbra Banner. He was a wonderful human being and I am so pleased he is joyous and no longer suffering. I could feel his warmth, sense of humor and appreciation for family. Barbra embraced multiple elements of his personality, his great pain and current joy. It was a wonderful hug from beyond and I feel much more peace. It was an incredibly strong connection. I was able to silently send questions to him and Barbra discerned his answers. It was new information that I did not have access to prior to this. This was such a blessed encounter with my young son’s spirit. Thank you, Barbra for this grace-filled opportunity."


Liza S. --

"Barbra Banner immediately made a special connection with my six year old son, Caleb, who crossed several years ago.  She clearly sensed him, described him and captured his essence.  It was so beautiful to receive the evidence that he is with us in our daily lives. On one occasion, she said he’d shown her a red toe and just that morning,  I’d stubbed and bloodied my toe. In another reading, I asked her for a sign for my husband so that he could also know that Caleb was hanging with his dad.  He gave me the color blue and left it at that. Later that afternoon, my husband was working on a project for Lyft and the cars were all identical, and all BLUE. So many more. Barbra's ability to connect with our loved ones across the veil is a true gift to be shared."


Linda C. --

"Life lessons are so valuable and my session with Barbra Banner granted me insight into relationships in my past that were troublesome. The hurt and sadness were lifted with my better understanding of what this person had gone through. Sometimes understanding others is key and Barbra has the gift for hearing and understanding those close to us who have passed. They are with us. Our loved ones watch over us. We are never alone. Thank you Barbra."


Laura L. --

"My husband and I had a reading with Barbra Banner today and loved it!  She gave us the info we needed to know for sure it was the loved one we wanted to hear from. The message was loving and healing for us. She added in humor to keep it light and fun even though there was plenty of emotion and tears, too. We got to ask a private question of our loved one and the visuals Barbra got provided great analogies for us to understand our answers and feel peace going forward. She is a gifted medium and very generous with her time. I admire how she really puts herself out there to grow. Thanks for the reading and the inspiration Barbra."


Joyce E. --

"Tonight I was nudged to remember the old song ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water.’ It perfectly describes what happened today when I sat for Barbra Banner and had the most wonderful sharing of energy. My mother was able to be freed of a burden, my questions were answered and my heart opened to deeper love, respect, compassion and understanding of my mother and how she walked through this life. What an incredibly strong woman she was/is. Thank you Barbra and thank you Mother for modeling dignity and kindness in spite of the burden you carried for so many years."


Doris C. --

Sending a big thank you from me and my husband to Barbra Banner to the Healing and Evidential reading this morning…through Barbra, my husband brought out specific details of our relationship. These were private moments that showed not only past loving memories… but how he continues to be in my everyday life… specifically in regards to my health concerns. Barbra’s kindness, availability and generosity will help those especially in deep grief. The world needs kind souls like you, now more than ever.


Kathy B. --

"In my reading, I asked to see a friend, but instead my Mother stepped forward. She needed to talk to me…and what a healing session is was for both of us! Barbra’s humor and messages made this healing reading the most meaningful reading I ever had with my mother! Thank you Barbra for sharing your gift! much love and light to you!"


Theresa T. --

"I have had numerous readings with professional and world-famous mediums, yet Barbra was the first one to access some incredibly deep and impactful information from beyond the veil. My sense is that Barbra is accessible for Spirit, so they trust her to share some powerful messages to be relayed to the sitter. Thank you for bringing through my beloved partner so I could connect with him and to resolve some outstanding issues. You have an amazing gift, and I know many people will benefit from your help!"


Alisa M. --

"On Friday, I had an extraordinary reading with Barbra Banner. It never occurred to me that my mother would come through, because since her passing in 2009, I'd rarely felt any connections with her, unlike my father or other relatives who's passed. But I was in for a big surprise. Barbra deftly described my very complex Mother in terms of her silliness/playfulness, love of music and dancing, and also her deep bouts of depression, her alcoholism, and described the exact manner in which she died. My mother came through with a sincere apology and remorse for not being there for me (I rarely saw her after age 11 when I moved in with my father, and for never giving me the opportunity to talk about how it affected me; having "buried her head in the sand" all those years. Everything Barbra described about her was spot on. Barbra also shared some relevant memories about things I never knew, but my brother confirmed. She answered a lot of questions, which will hopefully bring healing to our intergenerational family patterns. Thank you, Barbra - you're a very gifted Medium."


Joyce M. --

"I had the most AMAZING reading with Barbra today with so much evidence that my mother came in to give me heartfelt messages. I was surprised that she stepped forward (not who I asked for), but what a healing session for both my mother and !. Barbra's humor and messages made this healing reading the most meaningful I've ever had with my mother. Thank you Barbra, for sharing your gift."


David L. --

"Big thank you to Barbra Banner for connecting me to my Grandmother yesterday. She captured details of her essence that was truly undeniable.  Brought back so many great memories I have of her. Grandma also expressed things to her that I did not know about, but was able to validate with other family members after the session. I am just filled with Joy to know that our family members are always by our side even after they pass through to the other side of the veil. Barbara in my honest and humble opinion is talented and gifted. I feel grateful to have our paths intersect at this moment in time."


David L. (2nd reading) --

"Thank you Barbra Banner for connecting me with grandpa Ta Young (Yeh Yeh) this morning! You have help cleared me of over 33 years of guilt. You truly have a gift and please keep doing what you’re doing. Love your energy! I hope you find it rewarding and fulfilling. In my opinion you are on the path you are suppose to be on; it shows!"


Gail T. --

"I had my very first reading this morning! I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was happy it was with Barbra Banner. Barbra was delightful and we had a beautiful healing time bringing through my mother. The longer I consider what Barbra brought through, the more sense it makes to me. All of it was spot on and meaningful and as I listen to the recording she gave me, the more I understand. Thank you Barbra!"


Jodie F. --

"I had the privilege today to be a sitter with Barbra Banner. I waited 3 years to have a reading with a famous medium and Barbra surpassed the knowledge given me before. I was truly getting chills from her connecting to my loved ones. I am certain Barbra will be on the global TV, radio, helping others seems to be so natural for her. My heart thanks you. It was amazing to sit with you. Thank you very much. Bless you."


Jo M. --

“My reading with Barbra Banner was truly incredible! The movements and mannerisms Barbra portrayed clearly resembled those of my loved ones in spirit! Their personalities and messages were so real and present! I was most fortunate to have confirmation of a medical condition my mom dealt with throughout her life, which is important for me and my children to be aware of going forward. Understanding the illness more fully is allowing me to heal completely! Thank you, Barbra!!”


Cornelia H. --

"Feeling so much gratitude to Barbra Banner for the wonderful reading she did for me! She brought through my beloved husband with great evidence and, more importantly, which much-needed answers to questions I didn't dare ask. Deeply connecting. Life-changing.”


Frith B. --

"I just got and AMAZING reading from Barbra Banner. Hats off to her for delivering more verifiable information than I have ever received in a sitting before, even from a paid, professional medium. XO And thank you Grandma!"


Deb F. --

" Yesterday afternoon I had such an amazing reading with Barbra Banner! My grandmother's and my sister came through. There were tears and laughs. My sister promised to signal her presence by sight of a firefly; not common where I live. She did not disappoint. I saw one light up 4 times and then disappear while walking my dog later that night. My wife was so amazed as I shared this signal with her.  So magical, I cried filled with love. Thank you so much Barbra!”


Cindy C. --

"I just had a fantastic reading with Barbra Banner! My stepson and my son both came through with accuracy and a special WOW moment at the end from my son. Thank you, Barbra. You are going to be an important healer for so many people. What a blessing."


Tricia B. --

"I had a fantastic healing reading with Barbra Banner on Saturday. I have always believed that our loved ones live on, but when addiction is involved, the survivors are often in pain from humiliation, sadness in a losing battle and loss of relationships. I could go on and on but believe most of you know without a long description. My father passed when I was 23 and the loss was profound as it was a time in which alcoholism was just starting to be recognized as an illness. At any rate, my reading on Saturday provided a profound sense of comfort and love and forgiveness. Time has a way of putting space between the stress from the alcoholism and the love for the individual. Hearing from him how he felt ashamed, how he kept thinking this will be the time in which he would win the battle of alcoholism, etc. and then the confirmation of good memories and how much he loved me. It was all very healing. Thank you, Barbra."


Pam S. --

"I am very thankful for my reading with Barbra because it came at a time I really needed it.  Barbra was able to “catch” the personality and the essence of my son and in great detail described his personality and the way he transitioned. At one point, she said the name Danny, which is my other son’s name.  I was able to call him and tell him his brother was loving him from afar.  It made Dan so happy because they had some difficulties before he passed.  Thank you so much Barbra."


 Monette F. --

“I want to send a big thank you to Barbra Banner for the great reading she did for me. She was able to help me get answers to questions from someone that I was close to at one time. There were things about his death that I needed closure for, and she was able to provide that by bringing him through for me.  It also gave him the opportunity to explain some things to me that he did not feel like he could discuss with me while he was alive. I feel so much better after having this reading with Barbra and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to communicate with someone who is no longer physically present. Be blessed.”


Michellene O. --

“It was so wonderful connecting with you! The highlight was when you saw Mother Mary there for Jack, because I prayed that she would receive him and was taking care of him. Thank you, it means the world to me, my husband passed away a few months ago.”


Alex R. --

“Thank you, dear Barbra for the amazing reading this morning! I am so happy the universe united us to deliver a beautiful message of healing, especially for my mother. I wanted her to know that I was very aware of her pain and sadness. I wish I could have helped her, but she was so blocked off that it was not possible in her lifetime. Thank you so much for sharing the link. With infinite gratitude.”


Marilyn B. --

"I want to give a shout out to Barbra Banner for an exhilarating reading I sat for. Barbra is very gifted, and I can only imagine great things for her. She connected with my paternal grandmother and nailed it. I was able to see old photos to validate her reading which was very exciting and gratifying. Also, no surprise, Barbra is very warm and easy to talk to.”


Karen B. --

"A heartfelt Thank You to Barbra Banner for her detailed reading of the two women who showed up for me today. It turned out to be a very interesting session. Barbra definitely has a significant talent for mediumship. That became very clear! I highly recommend getting a reading from her if you haven’t already. She really sits with the people coming through, listening so carefully, observing what they are showing her. Fantastic!"


Cindy W. --

"I had a reading with Barbra. what a kind, loving soul she is. She connected with both my Mom and Dad with evidence and information that brought me insights into our relationships and peace knowing they are here and together. Thanks for sharing your gifts and knowledge in such a kind and humorous manner. Spread your love Barbra."